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Canada HomeShare

Canada HomeShare is an intergenerational housing solution. We work to match older adult home providers with students to create mutually beneficial living solutions. Our work aims to support aging in place for older adults while providing safe and affordable housing solutions for post-secondary students.


Our mission is to provide a creative solution to address national housing issues while promoting intergenerational engagement. We aim to support aging in place for older adults while addressing the affordable rental crisis faced by students. Our work enhances community-building and engagement nationwide.  

Our Process

Once we’ve received your application, our experienced social workers will connect with you to learn more about your unique interests and needs. Once we’ve gotten to know you we carefully select best potential living matches for both the home provider and student. We work with both parties to ensure that each Canada HomeShare match creates the feeling of home.


At Canada HomeShare our vision is a Canada where all people, regardless of age, have a safe and affordable place to call home and where communities thrive through intergenerational relationships.

History of Canada HomeShare™

Canada HomeShare began as a program run by the National Initiative for the Care of the Elderly (NICE) as the Toronto HomeShare Pilot Project in 2018 funded by The City of Toronto. We began piloting our model of exchange based cohousing across Canada in 2021. In 2022, Canada HomeShare joined HelpAge Canada, a registered national charity. Established in 1975, HelpAge Canada supports community-based initiatives through its partnerships locally and abroad to improve the lives of older adults and their communities. HelpAge Canada develops innovative projects and leads network-wide collaborations to create a world for all to age with dignity. HelpAge Canada is also a founding member of HelpAge International, the only global, non-profit organization that works to improve the lives of older adults in the developing world.


Meet the people
behind Canada HomeShare

Dr. Raza Mirza

Lead, Canada HomeShare

Lead, Canada HomeShare

James Hull

Program Liaison

Leeann Babici


Angela Lombardi

Peel pilot Site COORDINATOR

Caitlin Olson

Toronto HomeSHare Manager & Peterborough Pilot Site Coordinator

Peel Pilot Site Coordinator

Alicia Marrone

Canada HomeShare Program Assistant

Krystal Peng

Canada Homeshare program assistant

Toronto Practicum Student