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Canada HomeShare, is excited to partner with Simon Fraser University to offer the community a facilitated housing model. *PLEASE NOTE applications for this location have been paused until August 1st 2022. If you have already applied your application will continue to be processed.

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Metro Vancouver is home to a wonderful mixture of urban life and nature making it one of the best cities in the world to live in. With convenient public transit, top tier universities and a mix of diverse cultures, there is no shortage of amazing things to see and do in and around the Metro Vancouver area.

Due to soaring demand, Metro Vancouver has some of the highest housing costs in Canada. Both Students and Older Adults are impacted by housing affordability. That is where Canada HomeShare comes in.

Our co-housing program pairs students with older adults to help solve this very issue.  Students are offered reduced rent of $400–$600 while providing household assistance to the home provider, allowing an easy and relaxed lifestyle. Our work aims to support aging in place for older adults while providing safe and affordable housing solutions for post-secondary students.

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