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Safety & Security

Home providers and home seekers are thoroughly vetted, including a certified background check, to establish matches that are the right fit for all parties. We prioritize the safety and well-being of our homesharers and strive to maintain a high standard of quality in every homesharing experience.

Our process ensures
safety, security, and confidence at every step of the homesharing experience.

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The Steps

Registration And Profile Review

All users, both home providers and home seekers, are required to complete a detailed registration form and create a profile through Happipad platform. You will be asked to provide the following information to create a profile.  

  • First name, last name

  • Phone number 

  • Date of birth 

  • Address(es) for the last 5 years 

  • A copy of your photo ID 

  • A selfie 

  • Background screening Non-refundable screening fee is $22.00 CAD (taxes included)

A Happipad team member reviews these profiles on a regular basis to ensure that the information provided is accurate and complete. 

Email Verification

We require participants to verify their email address when creating a profile in order to prevent fraudulent accounts and add an extra layer of security to participants’ accounts.  

Identity Verification

Participants must also provide a government-issued idenitifcation document, such as a driver’s license or passport, to allow us to confirm the authenticity of the participant’s identity. 

Background Checks

Background checks are conducted through Certn – a trusted Canadian platform that specializes in providing advanced background screening. This includes searching criminal record databases and reviewing other relevant information to assess the individual’s suitability as a home provider or home seeker. In some cases, additional background checks may be completed. 

Liability Insurance

It is recommended that the home providers and home seekers should each carry their own separate insurance to protect their own property and liability. 

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Conflict Support

Most home providers and home seekers do not encounter any significant issues in their homesharing relationship, but we understand that disagreements and challenges can happen.


All participants are provided upfront with documents clearly outlining expectations and obligations for the duration of their agreement, and,  in the unlikely event of disagreement, Happipad’s Customer Care Team is there to support in conflict resolution. We are committed to ensuring that your homesharing experience is a positive one. 

Payments & Security Deposits

Monthly rent payments are securely processed through the Happipad platform. Payments directly between users outside of our platform are not permitted. you at greater risk of fraud and other security issues, such as phishing. 

Canada HomeShare requires a security deposit of a half month’s rent through the Happipad platform. This money is held in trust by Happipad throughout the living arrangement period and is released after move-out. Home providers and home seekers will be required to submit Move-Out Inspection form and End of Stay Feedback prior to releasing the security deposit to the home seeker, and can submit a Damage Claim if applicable. 

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By implementing these screening, verification and safety measures, Canada HomeShare and its delivery platform, Happipad, aims to create a trusted and secure environment for both home providers and home seekers.

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