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Our Story


After an initial pilot project in 2018 run by the National Initiative for the Care of the Elderly (NICE) as the Toronto HomeShare Pilot Project and funded by the City of Toronto, Canada HomeShare expanded in 2020 and began facilitating matches between post-secondary students and older home providers in five Canadian cities.


HelpAge Canada, a Canadian charity dedicated to creating a world where older people can lead healthy, active, and dignified lives, began leading Canada HomeShare in 2022, and in 2024, announced that the program will expand further to seven locations: Peterborough, Kingston, Vancouver, Drumheller, Peel, Toronto, and Fredericton.


With a comprehensive new application platform powered by Happipad, Canada HomeShare now offers post-secondary students and individuals aged 55 and over the opportunity to pursue a home sharing match with an older home provider.  

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Mission and Values

Our mission is to provide creative options to address the national housing crisis while promoting intergenerational engagement and helping older adults to age in place. By partnering with community collaborators in towns and cities across the country (which includes municipalities, post-secondary institutions, provincial government, and Community Based Senior Services organizations (CBSS)), we’re building stronger age-inclusive communities where older and younger people share meaningful experiences together.  

Canada Homeshare envisions a future where everyone in Canada has a safe & affordable place to call home and where communities thrive through intergenerational relationships.  

Do you want to bring Canada HomeShare to your community?

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